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Why I Do What I Do

Author: Justin Turley

Most people don’t dream of growing up and owning a crime and trauma scene cleanup company. In fact, it’s a profession most people don’t ever even think about. So when people ask me what I do for a living and I tell them I own a company that specializes in crime and trauma scene cleanup, I usually get a blank stare followed by the question, “How did you get into that?” Well let me tell you.

Growing up with my dad as the County Coroner in Twin Falls, I was exposed to the world that unfortunate events can happen to anybody. I will never forget the first time my dad took me on a call with him, it was the first time I had ever seen a dead body. It was a suicide by hanging, so it wasn’t a scene that required a biohazard cleanup company, but to a young kid, a shocking scene nonetheless. I quickly realized that suicides and other related scenes happen more often than most people realize, even in quiet little Twin Falls, Idaho.

So how I got into this business. I had worked at the INL for about 2 1/2 years, focused on helping clean up the nuclear waste that had been buried out in the desert. I could never shake the feeling that I needed to be doing something more, where I had more passion, more fulfillment. Something that would allow me to help others who were in need. I came across Bio-One while searching for businesses that were for sale in my area. The idea intrigued me to say the least. My first phone call was to my dad, to ask him how companies like this worked, and if there was a need for it. He told me a story that I’ll never forget. He said a month or two prior he had a case of a young 15 year old kid had commit suicide using a firearm. The paramedics and police came and did everything they could do to try and save his life. Unfortunately, the young kid passed away on the way to the hospital. While his mom was away at the hospital, his younger sister who was still at home tried to clean up the mess to help her mom. It broke my heart to hear that story and I instantly knew this was what I wanted to do. I wanted to help those families who were having the worst day of their lives. I wanted to do everything I could do to help make those terrible days seem a little more bearable.

Many see my profession as someone who just cleans up crimes scenes and other situations most people don’t want to deal with. What they don’t see is the family who has had their world turned upside down can now start taking the first step towards recovery. I was able to help with that first step.

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